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W270-KTM Information

Our drinking water quality is required by law.
At 1 January 2003 came into force in drinking water regulation requires the review of the hygienic safety of drinking water installation in the building materials used and their materials. For the critical flexible pipes since the same high standards apply as for permanently installed cables. So come hoses for use in drinking water may be made only from these materials, which considered in the light of the worksheet, W270, or certified. Furthermore, it must have been subjected to an examination of the hose used to KTW. Why special tubing materials and special tests: Drinking water is our most important food, its quality is required by law and that is good. Conventional tube materials tend Innhaltsstoffe harmful microorganisms in drinking water and leave to settle, which multiply rapidly and lead to a real growth in the interior of the hose. In practice, no one really wants in his "fresh" flushed (tapped) glass have. To avoid these circumstances, with flexible tubing / hose materials may be present in drinking water, therefore, only the tubes are used that give demonstrably harmful ingredients and allow no microbiological growth. This are currently two recognized test methods that ensure that drinking water hoses do not affect negatively the quality of our drinking water: 1) The test KTW 2) The test of DVGW W270 Who is affected: In principle, any operator of a mobile drinking water supply. Here is a list of examples, the lists at the wide range of applications only a portion of the affected areas:

  • Mobile bar stands (popular festivals)
  • Mobile take away
  • Emergency supplies (THW/BW)
  • Toilettenwagen
  • Drinking water pipes in mobile homes
  • Potable water at campsites
  • Bathrooms, saunas
  • Public events

  • Who controls:
    The review of flexible drinking water supplies were ordered by the Federal Ministry of Health, exporting mainly to public health authorities are already in many places with echeck Endeavors, especially for outdoor events (festivals, markets, fairs), are employed.

    What happens if ignored:
    The authority may impose a punitive damages checked and order the immediate cessation of drinking water with all of the following consequences.

    What can I do:
    Use your mobile drinking water hoses may be used only demonstrated in drinking water. Note that an ambulance and W270 mark is found on the tube. Remember also that the hose mounts and fittings shall be approved for drinking water. Many tube manufacturers and tube suppliers are already much information available and help you with the selection of approved components.

  • For potable water hoses are also certain rules governing use:
  • for the first use
  • Please cleaning before use
  • Please cleaning and drying after use

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